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The company behind the DYNANIC solution has another big success in obtaining grants. Since the new year, it received a grant from the Ministry of the Interior within the Security research program of the Czech Republic 2021 – 2026: development, testing and evaluation of new security technologies (SECTECH). The main goal of the SECTECH Program (link to details, but only in Czech) is to support the achievement of a technological and technical level that will enable the individual components of the security system of the Czech Republic to acquire, adopt, maintain and develop specific abilities to ensure the security of the state and its citizens.

Our main goal within this unique program is to develop cybersecurity solutions together with commercial partners. And those solutions will be built on top of the DYNANIC.

Together with the already ongoing grant from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and CzechInvest Technology Incubation program (we wrote about it here before), our development is funded with more than 160k EURO just for this year.

This support significantly helps with the development of the DYNANIC solution. It will help us to accelerate the development towards a better application of this solution on the international market.

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