Efficiently accelerate
your networks
to reach
another level

Completely risk free

utilization of powerful FPGA technology

Lossless packet processing

at wire-speeds up to 400 Gbps

Fast prototyping

of your network application with DPDK API

Rapid deployment

and validation on cards from many vendors

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ready-to-use solution for different network applications to offload processing of high-speed traffic into the FPGA accelerator cards. By incorporating DYNANIC a genuine SmartNIC solution can be created.

DYNANIC provides all necessary software and FPGA firmware equipment to build FPGA-based SmartNIC from cards of many hardware vendors. Its cutting edge technology eliminates the need for FPGA programming expertise, providing standardized DPDK interface for easy use and rapid development of your application.

With DYNANIC, you can enjoy wire-speed throughput of accelerated functions using simple networking API. Ideal for any networking application requiring high-speed and lossless packet processing. Let’s try it out for free!

works on cards from top manufacturer

AMD Xilinx
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    Who is behind it

    The DYNANIC solution is brought to you by BrnoLogic. The founders and employees of this company have a long-term experience in the field of FPGA acceleration coming from their research and development activities in the Liberouter group of the CESNET association and Accelerated Network Technologies Research Group at the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology.