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DYNANIC was recently presented at ISC High Performance in Hamburg, Germany. And it was a ride! Not only we had a lot of nice talks but we also transferred a really huge amount of data using our demo 😀

Moreover, we had also opportunity to strengthen our partnership with PRO DESIGN Electronic GmbH. Lets have a look at some photos. Again, we really enjoyed it!

Our partner presented pretty nice Falcon family of FPGA-based acceleration cards and together we presented high performance capabilities of DYNANIC using our DMA engines. This demo can be utilized for capture&replay scenarios and works even on 400G cards that we support. And DYNANIC will also support upcoming 3x400G card from PRO DESIGN as well!

And where to find us at the next event? At the FPGA conference EUROPE again in the Germany, in the city of Munich. Our CTO will have a speech about 400 Gbps technology on FPGA:

Want to come and visit FPGA conference with a discount? Use this discount code: FPGA24_MEETME at the registration web page. Event starts at 2nd of July.

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